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If you are planning to build a new property or get yourself into new construction, you know it will be busy for the next months. However, we all know that if someone is willing to go through it is because that person knows it will be worth it, or not? We are sure this is what you have in mind and we are not trying to bring down your new idea or project. Therefore, allow us to reaffirm what you believe: yes, it will be completely worth it without a doubt.

But does it take too much work? Probably. It depends on how you start and go through the process to get everything done piece by piece. If you are not sure about why it is so difficult since you leave most of the hard work to professionals and contractors, the reason lies in the fact that you still need to make decisions, pay attention to every detail, and make sure every aspect meets your expectations. That being said, some parts of the project will be more difficult than others.

Sometimes, you will have a hard time trying to make decisions while others you might have problems installing something on your own. A good example of this is your roofing system and we want to know based on this; do you already know which one you want? This alone will take you hours since there are not only two or three options available but rather dozens in the market. The best thing you can do to make the decision fast without risking the opportunity to get what you want is to try to decide the material you want to use and the exact shape of the roof.

When it comes to shape, we are referring to using panels, shingles, or tiles. When you make this decision, it will be easy to get the rest done. But if you are not sure yet, the best idea is to start with the material so you can start to reduce options and stay with the variations and designs available with that roofing system in particular. Accepting some recommendations? Then, give metal roofing systems a try and you will not regret it at all.

Metal roofs are popular for many reasons but the main ones are durability and longevity. One of those can last for over 40 years, and unlike other options—popular ones—like clay tiles, slate, or concrete, you will not have to worry about the roof cracking, shrinking, or breaking during its entire lifespan. We are not trying to tell you that metal roofs are perfect and you should not worry about anything since they have problems like rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion are the only things you will have to worry about but they can be controlled with the right coating and paint, which means it is not actually something that will make you regret the idea.

Is metal roof good for new construction?

Absolutely! There is no need to be worried about this since metal roofs are perfect for any project and roof you have in your hands. Focusing on one by one, for homes or residential buildings, metal roofs offer a large variety of designs and profiles, many colors, and some textures. The best part about installing any of them in new constructions is that you can get a bit more creative and either mimic some designs you always had in mind or obtain unique ones no one has seen before.

Now, if you have some styles in mind, it will make your life easier when choosing the final system. For a modern and elegant design, standing seam is the one that will give you what you want thanks to how simple and neat it looks. For traditional, stone-coated steel sounds and is perfect for this style. Going back just a bit, we just mentioned you can mimic certain designs and roofs, but what were we referring to this exactly?

You can easily get a different design depending on the materials and tools you use plus the elements that complement the roof. For example, if you choose a specific color for your metal shingles, you can either mimic slate tiles or cedar shakes, among many others. The same applies to the rest of the options in metal roofs. Just make sure that whatever you decide to install, you are getting professionals for it to guarantee a clean result that will last for all the decades it is supposed to.

At Florida Metal Roofers of Gainesville, we will help you with every detail and installation in your hands for new constructions. Our company is available in the entire area of Alachua County and can help you with everything you need as long as you take the first step of contacting us.

What is the best metal roof for your new construction?

It all depends on your preferences, the climate of the location, and the needs you have for this new construction. Since you have many options among metal roofs that can help you to cover every single detail, we don’t think you will have a problem finding one that meets everything. We are worried about you not being able to make a decision due to how perfect each one is.

However, when it comes to choosing one, in particular, we already mentioned that you can start by deciding the material and if you want to use panels, shingles, or tiles. When choosing the roofing system, it can be as simple as going one by one in decisions and this will simplify your life.  Just consider that depending on the material you decide for your roof, the results will be different. And among metal roofs, you have aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc.

Aluminum is perfect for properties located on the coast while steel is better for those where heavy rains take place. However, the climate is not a big issue when you also choose the right coating that can make the roof resistant to fire, water, and certain weather conditions. If you are having a hard time trying to come up with the best decisions, we get it, we have been them as well with our personal roofs.

But since we are here, there is no need to struggle with it. Our contractors and experts will help you to choose the best metal roofing system that will meet your preferences in design and needs. We will be here for everything you need, and that includes choosing the metal roof you want and need.

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