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If you are planning to install a new roofing system or you are getting in a project that will require it, prepare yourself. We are not exaggerating when we say that dealing with your roof will be the most difficult part of whatever project you have. And if you are going directly for one of those, we suggest you think carefully about what you are going to do and how you are going to handle the project.

There is a wide variety of metal roofing systems and as a result, the decision about which one you will install is difficult to not say something else. Of course, it is not impossible, but we want you to keep in mind it is not something that you usually decide in a few days. Not because you will have a hard time choosing the design but rather looking for a roof that offers you the design you want but also durability, longevity, and good performance overall. Keep in mind that depending on the material you choose, you still have a long list waiting for you to decide which one is going to be the lucky one.

If you are not too clear about what a roofing system means and what we are trying to tell you with all the options, allow us to give you an example. Clay tiles are a roofing system that has the shape of tiles due to the specific option you are choosing and all of them are made of clay—of course. Then, you have cedar shakes that are completely different in style, shape, and design overall. Based on the roofing system you choose, you also have to consider how it is going to be installed, the maintenance in the future, and the possible repairs that are inevitable.

Do you have an idea for your roof?

If you want to start right, we suggest you think about the material you are going to use and the specific shape you want to use. With ‘shape’, we are referring to panels, shingles, or tiles. If you are going for shingles, here is a bold recommendation: what about using metal for them? Metal roofing systems, in general, are amazing and stunning and perfect for both existing roofs and new constructions or any property you have in your hands and need the roof.

You cannot go wrong with them in either design and performance. It is all about taking the time to consider the options available and as for the rest, don’t worry, every metal roof offers amazing results in durability and longevity in the short and long-term.  Overall, you can choose any metal roof system available and the decision will be the best of your life. But since you are interested in shingles, we assure you the decision of getting metal ones will not be a regret in the future.

We are aware that most people who decide to go for shingle in the first place are not thinking about metal but rather slate and cedar.  The last two options are popular among homeowners in particular and it is entirely due to the designs they offer. The problem with cedar and slate is that they are expensive and when it comes to durability and longevity, they leave the property owner expecting more. Yes, you will obtain a stunning style but when you think about the functional part, it overshadows the benefit of the design.

Instead, you can get metal shingles and obtain everything and even for less money. You can even mimic the design of slate, cedar, clay, concrete, and many of the shingle roofs available in the market. But for this, make sure to have the right professionals and roofers taking care of the project, installation, and future services. At Florida Metal Roofers of Gainesville, we can provide the required services that involve everything with metal shingles. We will deliver the best results not only for new clients but also for those that have been with us for many years. If you have new construction or old property where you want or have the metal shingle roof, it does not matter since we can handle it.

Things you must know about metal shingles

They will definitely make you spend less money compared to any other roofing system in the market. We want to put that here before anything else. We just compared them to the most expensive options in the roofing industry. But if we move onto asphalt and concrete, the difference is not that much.

Asphalt is not a good option when it comes to performance, which means you will spend more or the same for less durability and longevity. With metal shingle roofs, you do not have to worry about any of that. Of course, metal can bring you some problems that make you doubt just like you did with asphalt. Like having corrosion or rust all over the place.

But this depends a lot on the climate, the coating, and every external and additional aspect that is involved in the performance of the roof. Therefore, we suggest you to not go so hard on it since it is about choosing the right complements to prevent those problems in your metal shingles. There is nothing you cannot deal with when it comes to metal roofs overall, which is why we personally love them so much. And even if you don’t have an idea of how to handle everything, we will be here to you to lend both of our hands and make sure you are going in the right direction.

Just let us know what ideas you have in mind and we will get the best metal shingle roof according to them. Also, we will help you to go over all the choices you have to make to guarantee the best results for your property. Contact us today and get access to our metal shingle roof services that include everything you might need!

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